ArHi OS: Cordolium

READ this !!!!!! It is a fellow IPK-sisterhood writing and what a comeback! ❤

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*Song that inspired this OS is attached at the end, and I’d recommend listening as you read. 




“Sir?” Aman called, knocking on his door twice before letting himself in without waiting for an invitation. After all, he could see through the glass cage he had surrounded himself with that he wasn’t really doing anything. He had been lost in thought, lost in thought of her, as he was wont to do these days.


“You forgot to sign off on the final plans for the fashion show,” Aman informed him, placing the file in front of him, opened to the documents and cheques that needed his signature.


Arnav picked up a pen to sign with and after a moment’s hesitation said, “Sorry, I must have been distracted.”


He saw Aman’s arm freeze on its way to turn the page, but if he was…

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11 thoughts on “ArHi OS: Cordolium

      1. I read few of Ridz’s stories. Did you read “Murder, She wrote”? That was good. I have read few others stories too! I just need a revision.

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  1. Hello MB ji,

    Hope 2020 is treating you and your loved ones well.

    Thank you for sharing the information! Hope that the first position for Res’s remain Hamesha.

    See you soon,


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