Stories and Storytellers

There is magic in every story and the storyteller, a magician. Spellbound I read, listen, tell and retell stories.

I am more than my parts
I am still I am, in spite of living or perhaps because of
I am not what I was, nor do I want to be
I am who I am
All that I am is what you make of me
I am more than the boundaries of your sentience
I am ..

I love stories, I collect them. I love listening to them and I have come to love telling them as well. I started Second Chances as a compulsion, something I felt compelled to write. The story had a life of its own, and it spent many months gestating in my head.

More than six years ago, I chanced up on Meera30’s stories, and fell completely in love with A Words Worth –  her story, her characters, especially Arnav, Aman [of course] and Aparna Raizada. I had, in my sincere gratitude, exclaimed that if I ever wrote a story I would dedicate it to her. I could never imagine writing anything that resembled a story, much less anything that came close to her caliber of writing. So, eight months later, there I was, offering this story as a dedication to Meera30. This was in 2014!

About Second Chances
As the title alludes, it is about life, second time around – after chances offered, gained, lost and regained. It is a story about love, loss, grief, bereavement and all that goes with it. It is also about courage to recognize those second (and third, fourth…) chances that life bestows. I am being upfront here. If you are seeking to read a one-man/one-woman love story, then this is not it.

Like the title itself, this story went through many periods of slow decline, stillness and silence, reflecting its author’s. I am hoping this is a second chance for the story itself. Thank you for your interest. Thank you for not giving up on the story or its author. 

If you are here and you have read some of this story, then leave me your thoughts. That is all that is expected of you. I am not seeking criticism of any kind. I am not a professional writer. I write for my pleasure. Unsolicited criticism does not work well with this algorithm. 🙂

I write to give myself strength.
I write to be the characters I am not.
I write to explore all the things I am afraid of.
— Josh Whedon

If you are still here and would like to read the story, then here it is



106 thoughts on “Stories and Storytellers

  1. MB, I am so so happy to be here & getting a second chance to read Second Chance! I am so happy for you too. Here’s to resuming this beautiful journey….

    Loads of love to you! Yipppeeee…am so excited!

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  2. welcome back mirabell.. would love to be part of journey “Second Chances”..

    Regarding writer “meera30”, what to say!!! one amazing writer!!!…
    im awestruck with the way she weaves the story, choice of words, simplicity and making the readers feel as if it is just happening then and there, or just few buildings away… unknowingly the readers starts feeling as if they need a weekly dose of update from her..

    IPKKND had made readers like us to know u and meera30 through your stories … we are lucky for that ..this is something i would cherish in my life.. meera30’s RRTI was something real bliss..

    coming to “Second Chances”, i have thoroughly enjoyed your writing,.. it was so beautifully written..

    along with me, even my sis wanted to share her happiness in knowing that u have started again


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  3. So great to have you back…. I’m been waiting a long time to read this and it just makes me happy that you are here!!!

    Good luck on this second journey. Let’s make it together

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  4. Welcome back dearest !

    You cannot imagine how I am happy that you are back and how I am happy that you used the banner I made for your beautiful story. I am in love with your story.

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  5. Wow I came across your story today & I can’t help but read it in one go;it’s so damn good,I was literally feeling the emotions of khushi,it’s so beautiful..loved it

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  6. Hey Bell
    How lovely to see You have returned with ‘Second Chances’…..
    When bestowed with ‘Second Chance’…..
    It needs to be accepted with Grace….it sure is…
    It is destiny’s gift….
    ‘A new dawn-
    A new day….
    bringing with it a Second Chance…
    to try again…..’

    saffron’s Ramblings…..

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  7. Can we start over?
    Can we be strangers again?
    Let me introduce myself.
    Can we laugh and talk.
    And relearn what we already know.
    And come up with new inside jokes.
    And create new memories.
    And give each other a second chance ❤
    ~ Word Porn

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    1. IF does not like it if I post a message about another blog. And at this moment in my life, I am unable to commit to a certain date for an update. I work full time and I have children who need my attention! I write in between all these! I am sorry! If you follow my blog it will send you a notification when I update. Hope this helps?


  8. Hello Mira,

    Wishing you and your family a very happy, blessed and healthy new year 🙂

    Hope you doing well, take care.


    PS: I emailed you a while ago, not sure if you checking that account.

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  9. Hi Mira,

    Hope you are safe and doing fine .I know it’s tough times right now and I wish and pray that everyone is trying to be brave for themselves and there families . I am sure we will overcome those soon 😊.
    I keep checking your blog and see if you have any updates 😁. You know reading beautiful fictions like second chances is keeping me smile and enjoy during this quarantine period . I was wondering if you would consider opening few chapters of SC for our readers because I would totally love to read again . SC is one of my top favorites and I was fortunate to read it the first time until you took a break . I was hoping you would continue from where you stopped but was happy that you at least opened the blog for us and was able to read from the start .

    Waiting … 😊

    Stay home and stay safe .


  10. Hello…I am unable to access the chapters after 14th chapter. Can any one please let me know how to access. Thank you


  11. Hi Mira,

    How are you my friend? Hope you doing well 🙂 Longtime…I was cleaning my inbox and came across secondchances notifications and got me all nostalgic and wanted to drop here to say hello :).


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