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It looks like there is a sisterhood here already, and all sisters need a watering hole. Here it is, please join me if you feel like just chatting.

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    1. Mirabell, love this oppertunity you have given us to not only revist and relive this wonderful story of yours, but also the fact that we get to take this journey with some first time readers… And this is super exciting… To see their reactions.. To weigh them against our first and our second impressions of every chapter. The comments, and the inferences, the expectations and conclusions.. Add to the spice and joy of re-visiting Second Chances ❀

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  1. If its ok with all of u.. We know a bit abt how each of us react… For those us who wanna know more.. Can we give a small intro or a peep? No obligations and SM links, or actuals can be posted only if comfortable.. Would love to know more about you all.

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        1. Lets start with me then… I’m Rashmi.. Mother of 2.. And now a homemaker nd crafty entrepreneur 😜.. Bangalorean thru n thru.. And love this city, married to a Nashik born Malayalee.. So a total potpourri of culture at our home 😁.
          Life’s funda.. Mast raho.. As long as your heart smiles, life is beautiful!

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          1. Oh somehow I missed this!

            I am originally from Mumbai. Currently in US. But very much desi at heart and a die hard bollywood fan. Married to another Mumbaikar. Needless to say, am an avid Arshi fan but joined the journey quite late. You will find me pretty much on every Arshi FF. Completed my BE in electronics & telecom a long long time ago (or at least it feels so) but my line of work has nothing to do with the degree πŸ˜€

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            1. Ooh nice.. De taali 🀚
              Am a BE in elec n telecom too πŸ˜‰.. And determinedly didnt pursure a career in that field.. Never liked it much.. More of a computers girl!

              Am a die hard romantic and choosy with serials.. And Arshi happened when i was on maternity leave with my first born.. And have been a fan since then!

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              1. Sahiii!!! Le taali…

                I hated that field. Kuch palle nahi padta tha. Don’t even remember the subjects now. I am in IT too.

                IPK happened to me by accident. I happened to see that scene where Arnav is fainting and Khushi is trying to revive him by giving jalebi. I was hooked! Hunted down the serial and still can’t get over some of those Rabba-ve moments ❀

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                1. Hehhe.. Same here.. Other than VHDL… Didnt much like any other subject 😁

                  IPK – I saw it from when she joins office… Missed the first few episodes.. But once i started.. I was hooked 😍

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                2. very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language.Β …
                  It was an elective I chose as the only option close to computers that i loved πŸ˜‰.
                  It was circuit coding basically…
                  And same here.. Just scraped thru engg.. I still dunnk y i pushed myself to slog for 4 yrs.. Hubby says.. ‘Simple.. So that it would give u something to do while u waited for me to show up in ur life ‘ πŸ™„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

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                3. I googled around for VHDL….didn’t ring a bell. Either I was completely zoned out when that subject was being taught or maybe I didn’t have it in our syllabus. Former is more possible.

                  Your hubby is so sweet. Wasn’t your’s a Kaveri-Arjun waala case? I remember reading your comment on River πŸ™‚

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  2. Now my intro..
    I m sure I m the senior most here in terms of age..
    U r free to call me DI,API,AKKI,AKKA,BAJI ..
    Bass Auntie naa
    But I love to be called Fauzi..
    I’ve done Masters in English lit … a house wife .. Hubby is a Professor of Community n Medicine.. 3 kids who r no longer kids.. MashaAllah..

    An ardent fan of Arshi/Sarun n Sanaya Irani ..
    There is not even a single day when I don’t read Arshi fiction,watch IPK scenes n Arshi vms ..

    I m watching IPK REVISIT these days .. Hubby too watches as he tries to get the remote … Though he always gives his 2 cents about every scene .. n.. n .. n .. he hums Rabba ve ….

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    1. Awww.. How sweet.. Mine rolls his eyes everytime i say IPK.. coz it means i wont hear a wotd of anything he says after that πŸ˜‰

      Awww.. Hugs.. Kids grow up too fast.. I dunno how mine got to be 8 nd 5 so soon.. Everyday seems long.. With all the routines.. But when u suddenly look up, time has run by.. 😢

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  3. Greetings!

    There is a Second Chances reader, gurudeepblog, who has been struggling to ‘follow’ this blog. I know there have been some issues with following. Can I ask one of you to reach out to her and help her? Thank you!

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    Came across this today and a line from it brought to mind the conversations around saudade, longing…
    “In Sufi literature, birha is a word used to describe β€˜longing’. It seamlessly unites the pangs of separation – with the attendant anxiety and the heartache – with patient hope.”

    Google tells me its the same as viraha (sanskrit) which would be viraham down south. I had always thought viraham to be sadness (from separation/loss), but I guess it would encompass much more than that.

    MB, I remember a conversation with you around the word “Moh” at Meera’s riversideπŸ˜ƒ

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  5. Hi Mira & everyone else
    Just stumbled upon this corner
    Good to see so many Arshians after 8 long years
    I chanced upon IPK, one fine day (SP re telecast during day ) ASR staring at kh during her dance rehearsal with NK, I thought he was the villain , as he didn’t speak , was angry 😑, but then kh tripped , fell & he caught her ( the chemistry was erupting through the screen – they were too close to each other for daytime tv, with ASR holding her hip & hand) then RV started playing
    I couldn’t get the music out of my mind , waited for 8 pm ,watched the entire epi, couldn’t get ASR out of my πŸ₯°thoughts ( was so ashamed , yes I had been attracted to good looking men like HR, Brad ,Leo , before but this anti establishment, non conformist, kismet khud ko likhne wala, what the πŸ€”thought I had a loose screw ( just like Mano says ) cos I am no pimply teen or this guy soft romantic type
    Went back & watched the entire show from its inception
    for the next 3 days
    Had to take a break for my household chores ( he, he πŸ₯΄) hardly slept
    Went in YT, to my utter amazement, a wonderful fan ( ismailvegamze- think it is a woman )kept uploading edited epi ( it had only Arshi )numbered in sequence with a title
    Photoshoot, rain hug, etc 😬missed kiss – was used in mano/ NK dance at Sangeet ( shaadi-2)
    IPK became an obsession , I slept ate, breathed it Kkkkkkkkkhushi
    Chanced upon MeD, on a bored weekend
    Didn’t know about IF
    MeD was basically where we fandom met , interacted & did reviews of
    epi. Reviews were posted at 8-35 pm
    It was pure Adrenalin , Gautam to Gul to Lalit to Arshad we fought / cribbed / bonded
    We waited for β€˜Us Time β€˜
    Discussions went on till 12 πŸ₯΅or more
    Made posts for each other s bdays
    Fun posts on HP/ Nani romance or Lakshmi/ HP hookup or fan girl moment with ASR were so entertaining
    Didn’t know the real identities of the women until much later after the show got over
    We have met, even attended functions, events, stayed in each other’s houses ( much to the chagrin of family as they were skeptical )
    When asked how we met would just smile , were embarrassed to mention our IPK sisterhood
    Started reading Arshi FF s becos of withdrawal symptoms ( suggested by a friend )my daughter was going to uni leaving me
    there was no looking back
    Each writer has given me so much more than closure
    FF s have given me peace & solace
    The characters have evolved , grown, from Akash to payal to garima
    as opposed to props in the show .
    They all had potential including Anjali & khushi, these two women have been celebrated by the writers
    Kh iseducated, financially independent , has a mind of her own, she makes Arnav repent instead of sab samajthi
    hoon. Anjali throws Snakewa out , punishes him by throwing in jail , moves out , never says aap bhi na
    Thanks Mira , for giving this platform to express my love for IPK
    Would be forever grateful to writers like you for IPK nostalgia
    Thanks ladies for reading , long live Arshi

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